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Our service team is ready to help with all your cycling needs. Services available on all makes and models with a large selection of replacement parts from top brands. We strive to provide a premium service at a competitive rate. Drop offs always welcome during open hours, or call to book your bike today. 


Shop hourly rate charged at $95.00 / Hour


Basic Tune - $75

Includes :

- complete safety inspection of frame, wheels and components

- optimal adjustments to brake and gear system

- inflate to recommended PSI

- clean and oil chain


Full Tune : $140

Includes :

- Complete Tune

- Adjust spoke tension and true both wheels

- Inspect and adjust all bearing systems

- Clean brake pads and brake surface

- Re-Torque all bolts to spec.


Complete Rebuild : Modern Bikes - $299 / Vintage Bikes - $399 ( parts not included )

Includes :

- Complete Disassembly and reassembly of bike

- Ultra sound cleaning of all components

- Adjust and service bearing systems

- Complete Tune



Specialty and Advanced Services Includes ( Charged hourly rate of $95/hour ) :

- Custom Bike Builds

- Tubeless and Tubular Tire Install

- Hydraulic Brake Bleed

- Ultrasound Component cleaning

- Wheel building

- Cable/housing replacement

- Carbon Frame repair

- Re threading and chasing of threads

- Install/Replace components

- Chain Wax Bath